Original Soviet Russian

Original Soviet Ukrainian Poster Scouting 60s Cafe Camping Photo Montage

Original Soviet Ukrainian Poster Scouting 60s Cafe Camping Photo Montage
Original Soviet Ukrainian Poster Scouting 60s Cafe Camping Photo Montage
Original Soviet Ukrainian Poster Scouting 60s Cafe Camping Photo Montage

Original Soviet Ukrainian Poster Scouting 60s Cafe Camping Photo Montage    Original Soviet Ukrainian Poster Scouting 60s Cafe Camping Photo Montage

Welcome to Antique Poster Shop. The poster is one of the most lively and, at the same time, the most complex areas in graphic design, in art. The Soviet poster is a truly unique phenomenon, and in different years the authors of famous posters were outstanding Soviet artists, leading people of their time. The best artists of their time worked on propaganda posters, famous poets wrote slogans - thus, unique graphic schools were formed.

Nowhere in the world did they teach the poster purposefully and systematically, as it was in the USSR. Rare Soviet posters today have to be searched for in different countries of the world.

It's a paradox, but what was created in only a few copies and is known only to collectors is sometimes easier to find than what was produced in thousands of copies. Of the millions of campaign posters that have adorned the streets, classrooms, classrooms and hospital corridors for many decades, only a few have survived. Posters of the Soviet era are not only original works of graphic art, antiques and antique graphics, original retro gifts and interior items, but also truly historical documents. Original Vintage -Soviet Ukraine- Poster.

Photo montage of the USSR. / 21 INCHES OR 67 / 54 CENTIMETERS. Be careful on the road! We can come to an agreement. Soviet graphic artist; illustrator, cartoonist, poster artist.

Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1974). The future artist Vladimir Petrovich Dobrovolsky was born in the Siberian village of Usolye.

Since childhood, he loved to draw, and although he did not receive a special art education, thanks to his talent he was able to break through first into the pioneer, and then into the adult press. The artist went through a huge life school during the Great Patriotic War as an artist of front-line newspapers.

Vladimir Dobrovolsky worked as an artist in the editorial office of the newspaper "On Defense of the Motherland" of the 1st Red Banner Army of the 1st Far Eastern Front. In these harsh years, he painted a lot: portraits of heroes - soldiers and officers, made full-scale front-line sketches.

He made propaganda posters, drew funny caricatures of the Nazis and the Japanese "samurai". For successful work on the design of the newspaper during the hostilities and honest, conscientious work in the post-war period, Vladimir Petrovich was awarded the medal "For Military Merit" and the Order of the Red Star. But the real artistic "universities" V.

Dobrovolsky passed in Moscow, where he moved after the war. Since that time, he has actively collaborated as a cartoonist with the largest metropolitan publications - Pravda, Illustrated Newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Krasnaya Zvezda, Izvestia, Soviet Russia - next to such famous cartoonists, like Boris Efimov, Ivan Semenov, Kukryniksy, Vitaly Goryaev, Julius Hanf. Abramov, he performed albums-exhibitions of drawings and caricatures with poetic signatures of the poet S. Mikhalkov: Warrior, be always ready!

" (1964), "Don't Turn History Back (1970). Vladimir Dobrovolsky did a lot of illustrating the works of Soviet writers, including satirical books for youth and children. Illustrated and designed books for the Irkutsk and Perm book publishing houses, publishing houses "Young Guard", "Pravda" and others: "Tales" by D.

Nagishkin (1950), "Not yours, not mine, but ours" by P. Malyarevsky (1951), "Golden Pad" by V. Lavrinaitis (1954), "You will recognize them" by V.

Polyakov (1956), "Spark in the Wheel" by P. Dudochkin (1958), "For you and about you "V. Viktorov (1962), What noses are in fashion now? Ryklina (1964), "Smile in the ranks" by N.

Baranenkov (1968), "Naked Saber" by V. Gaining fame for his political posters. At many all-Union and international exhibitions of caricature, he receives honorary awards and distinctions. Vladimir Dobrovolsky found his audience, a unique creative style. The artist's caricatures cannot be confused with any others.

This is originality in a laconic and at the same time funny drawing, pointed composition, expressive characters, their psychologically motivated actions and deeds, funny details and details. His caricatures are often multi-figured, one wants to look at them for a long time, each time discovering something new in them. The pen of the cartoonist and international poster artist V. Dobrovolsky is unusually expressive and effective; he made a lot of political and social posters, in which he stigmatized the American aggressors, bureaucrats, thieves and bribe-takers.

Author of posters: "Fertilization of the fields is the most important source of increasing productivity" (1961), "Spiritual Fathers" (1963), "Record of the Soviet Army" 1965; together with M. Abramov, The cause of the Party, the goal of our life is the good of the people, the fortress of the Fatherland!

" (1971), "You're walking in the wrong direction - you'll break your head! Abramov, Their plan will not work!

Ganf, Long live the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.. " (1972), "Let's glorify the motherland with labor! " (1975), "Take care of the people's good" (1976), "Take care of the honor and dignity of the Soviet soldier! " (1979), "We have friendship, peace, labor heroism.

They have oppression, terror and robbery" (1979), "No to the dangerous plans of NATO! " (1980), "No to the opponents of détente! Cherepanov, We are on the course of the world! They want to inflate the war...

Abramov, Calls, like doves of peace, fly and bring peace to the peoples of the Earth... "(1982), " Healthy, fit for work!

Created a series of posters "DOSAAF - School of Patriots" (1976), "Window of Satire". He participated in the first exhibition in 1941 in Vladivostok. From that time on, Dobrovolsky constantly participated in republican and all-Union exhibitions: Exhibition of works by Irkutsk artists (1949), Exhibition of works of Soviet graphics (1950), "Artists-journalists in the Great Patriotic Warnot" (1961), "I'm 40 years old" - an exhibition of drawings and caricatures of the artists "Crocodile" (1962).

Dobrovolsky were exhibited at the exhibition of satire in Berlin (1965, 1969). Tireless work, constant creative search brought real, tangible results, in the publishing houses: Military Publishing House, Politizdat, Visual Arts, Soviet Artist, posters, books and albums of his drawings are published, a personal exhibition is organized in Moscow (1968). The artist's graphic works are kept in the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (CMVS RF), the Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia (TsMSIR, former Lenin Museum) and others.

Circulation propaganda posters of V. Dobrovolsky are stored in the funds of the Astrakhan Museum-Reserve, the Vilegodsky Regional Museum of Local Lore (VRKM), the Gelendzhik Museum of Local History (GIKM), the State Museum of the History of St.

Petersburg (GMI SPb), the State Research Museum of Architecture named after A. Shchusev (GNIMA), the Russian State Library (RSL), the State Historical Museum of the South Urals, the Museum-Reserve "Dmitrovsky Kremlin", the State Literary Museum named after V. Dal (State Literary Museum, GLM), the Rybinsk Museum -reserve, Sarapulsky Museum-Reserve, Stavropol State Historical, Cultural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve named after. Prava (SGMP), the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics (MMK), the Nevyansk State Historical and Architectural Museum (NGIAM), the National Library of Belarus (NBR), the Ulyanovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore named after I. Are kept in the museums of Ukraine, the State Historical Museum (SIM), the Russian State Library (RSL), the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia (SCMSIR), the State Museum of Political History of Russia (GMPIR), the State Museum of V.

Mayakovsky, the Museum of Defense of Sevastopol, private Ukrainian, USA, England. Germany, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Poland. Attention important information ////// A ttention important information. In my store, all posters are very conveniently arranged by category.

Some posters are undergoing professional restoration. If this is important for you, ask a question, this poster has been restored or not.
Original Soviet Ukrainian Poster Scouting 60s Cafe Camping Photo Montage    Original Soviet Ukrainian Poster Scouting 60s Cafe Camping Photo Montage